The viewer, who upon opening the door and entering CANDO Cabin sees the Spirit Lamp on The Magic Red Table with the motto “The CANDO Spirit ~ Once Ignited Shines Forever” and sees there appearing formulas, chapter & verses, projects, and programs of The CANDO Story as pages of a book entitled Sojourn begin to turn.

cabin-withpremisethoughtsPrologue to SOJOURN

Film 1




Somewhere in a sparkling, Grand universe.  For a time, the viewer is suspended in the universe, experiencing the splendor of this beautiful place; and then begins to travel, slowly, past gently rolling planets.  An occasional spaceship passes by and other points of interest are seen.  It is breathtaking.  This dissolves into an outdoor scene with emerald green hills, flowers, and gentle animals grazing.

In the distance are three women sitting in a lovely garden court having tea.  They are dressed in beautiful attire with a distinct galactic style:  for instance, a jumpsuit of shimmery fabric, gold medallion belt and matching space boots.  Behind them, a crystal palace glistens in the sun.  The women are enjoying themselves and are in animated conversation.  Suddenly, a small ship lands nearby.  A lazar beams a messenger to the group..


Messenger (urgency in his voice, hands a communiqué to one of the women):My Queen!  I come with an urgent message from Constellation Headquarters requesting your immediate departure to attend an emergency  meeting.  Your escort ship awaits! Queen:  (scans communiqué with expression of concern) Woman # 1:  What is it, Dear? Queen:  H-m-m-m- m,  trouble in paradise … ! (glances at two women)  I’ve got to go ! Woman # 2 : — But – Queen:  (grabbing her cape)  Really, I’ve Got to go!  But please, Mother, (glances at other woman) Aunt Grace, do stay and enjoy yourselves.(As she departs with Messenger she shouts over her shoulder)  I’ll be in touch! (The two women look on in bewilderment as the ship takes off into the universe)


Inside Commission Conference Headquarters.  A large, sunny room of marble and other materials reflecting hues of glistening gold, silver, and amber.  The light is soft, and Conference members are dressed in styles of their choosing, representing the universes and sectors from which they hail.  It is a somber group, this day, and they are seated around the long, oval table.  The group numbers about 60. Chairman:  … and so, my beloved colleagues, we have asked you to assemble here this day, at Commission Conference headquarters, because we have been alerted to a situation – a serious  situation – that has developed on one of our younger planets in a nearby universe: Terra, or Planet Earth as it is referred to there.  It seems there is a (reads from his notes) “reverse operational pattern” taking place. Conference Member # 1:  “Reverse operational pattern?” H-m-m-m-m … I would suggest a crystal reflectory be implemented immediately, to record the scene. Chairman:  (turning to Queen): My Queen, will you go, observe, and bring back a full report? Queen: (Nodding somberly) I will go. DISSOLVE  to:

Scene III

(Queen journeying through the galaxies in her observation ship. She is alone, and her voice is heard as she travels to her destination: Planet Earth ~ appropriate special effects accompany her narrative.)

      The Queen

Queen’s Voice:  I am of the Norlatiadek Regime of Order 32, in the System of the Galaxies of Interchanging Entities, and I am assigned to a Planet number 606 in the Universe of Nebadon, Constellation 70, a planet of conflict, where paradox prevails – the impact of the concept of paradox being so revolting, I took heed in my infinitesimal disbursement of energizing influence. Love for all  indeed revitalized my energies, and as I disembarked on my mission I realized I would be with light for some time before entering the dark planet, and would in fact employ the splendor of the moment, already assuming context of my destination. Upon re-assimilating for pertinent observation, I experienced the most shocking spectacle of my career:  “The dilemma of Planet Earth”. FADE TO BLACK

Scene IV

  Opens with a touching scene (in color), of a parent tucking a small child into bed.  The parent kisses the child on the forehead.  INSTANT  BLACK/WHITE  flash still shot of an abused child.  Next is seen (in color), a chubby, happy baby rolling a ball, then:  INSTANT BLACK/WHITE flash still shot:  of a starving child.Untitled-1
Next is seen (in color) The peace and beauty of a countryside, with animals grazing, children playing, etc. Then, INSTANT BLACK/WHITE flash still shot of dying soldiers on the battlefield.  Next is seen (in color), people, embracing, showing deep love and emotion, Then, INSTANT BLACK/WHITE flash still shot of someone being beaten.  Appropriate “shock” special effects music accompany the b/w still shots. The Queen’s voice is heard as the camera pulls away to reveal that the viewer has been looking at the contents of  a “video book”.  As the Queen closes it the cover is seen, which reads:  “PLANET EARTH

OBSERVATION REPORT”.   We are back at the Commission Conference.  The Queen speaks.

Queen:  … and as you can see, my friends the situation is what we suspected – we do have an imbalance. Chairman (in serious contemplation ):  Indeed … we have a major  imbalance! (to others at table ) Is there anyone else present, who wishes to comment on their observation of  Planet Earth?  (a hand is raised) – Yes, Spirious?planetball
Spirious:  Earth? I remember it well …


Upon my first sojourn to the dark, isolated, paradox planet, I spake with the man creatures, and one would say:  “We have no food, and hungry are the babe.” Said I, “ Yes, ‘tis a problem I m to rectify, as ‘tis my work.”  And he would commend me and say, “ ‘Tis good, ‘tis worthy.”  And when I would ask his help, he would say:  “No, I cannot.  But, said he, “I wish you good luck!”  Did he think the hungry babes to take to plate a wish of good luck ?!  And another man sayeth … “We are advanced, for we have put a man on the moon!”  Yet, he could not explain the value of this act – while still  starved the babe!  While too, this man of whom he spake, who had been put on the moon, had first been put on earth … from a distance and at a velocity he would not understand –and at  no cost! … …and when I told yet another that my name was Spirious and that I was a Commander of Forces and from the Constant Realm, it was not that he was frightened, but rather that he regarded me as being mentally unbalanced!  And when I said , “Would ye persecute thy only salvation?” … I said no more, that I not be persecuted … remembering the sufferage of our Lord.”
Conference Member:  Indeed, my brother, Spirious, your moment on earth defies the creative imagination!  But do not be harsh. For, too, have I been on Planet Earth, our little green sparkler, and there did I fall in love with mankind.  For you see, I have been there many a time, and have come to know them as I know myself!
(There is apprehensive silence in the room)
Chairman:  We need maximum Light Strategy on this!  We must ask for assistance from all realms!  (He activates a crystal light refractor which releases streams of light in all directions.  He raises his hand to the heavens and continues) :  We call upon energies from all Realms of Light, and request assistance for Planet Earth.  Connect to Edentia Commission Conference headquarters immediately!

(The circuit board, behind him, lights up as the energies plug in to board.)Professor-withcode

Chairman:  Let us contact the Professor at the Time-Space Assimilator!( He points to “computer” screen, covered in flora and greenery. A light beam emits from his finger and a soft, high-pitched sound is heard.  The screen flashes, indicating it is activated.  Professor’s face appears momentarily on screen.)
Chairman:  Request, Professor!  What – precisely is this situation that has developed on Planet Earth? (Professor’s face disappears as an audio/visual message appears)

Screen Message“PARADOX”

Chairman:  (grimly)  Yes, so we are told.  But what, exactly, does this mean? Request identification verification!  Screen Message:  “PARADOX: a statement that is self-contradictory, and hence, false.”
Conference Member # 4 (incredulously): Three hundred sixty degrees – from Paradise to Paradox – and the planet is still alive?!

Screen Message:  Barely, But they want to live.
(Stunned silence from assembled members)
Voice from Circuit Board (indicated by a flashing light):  What is the read-out on:What to do when there is a ‘paradox’? “APPLY ANTIDOTE”
Conference Member # 5  What is the read-out on “ANTIDOTE” ?!
Screen Message:  “Antidote –  a remedy to a counteract a poison.”
Collective Voices (aghast):  POISON ?!
Chairman to Screen:  define POISON !
Screen Message: “Poison:  a substance which, even in small quantities, can cause illness or death.”
Voice:  DEATH ? !  And what of  DEATH ?!
Screen Message:  “DEATH:  a 3rd dimensional concept, belief system or root assumption, meaning ‘a permanent cessation of all vital functions;  the end of life’ …”
Queen (emotionally)  — as with my homeland creation, Melina – I was there when it blew!  I know the devastation!  My
children cry out – they are raped, abused! – What manner of  beasts would initiate this – this purposeful destruction of a paradise creation? — of a child?!  What perverse minds could conceive such horrors?  And they claim to be planetary sons!  They are killers! Killers of our very life force!  I say kill them! Kill the bastards! (breaks down, sobs.  She is comforted by an angelic being who stands behind her.)
Hoziel:  (puts arm on her shoulder) My Queen … if I may … implore you to act with rationale … I – I know it is difficult to separate yourself from the emotion.  Yes, it is devastating.  But we cannot “ fight fire
with fire” and expect to win.  There is too much at stake.  We must create a way to reverse the situation without – further violence and certain destruction ..( the Queen is calmed).
Conference Member # 6  (distraught)  How – how can this be?
Elder member:  When mass thought form on a planet tilts to the harmful quotient, then destruction be imminent.
Conference Member # 7: (hysterically) Why – this thing can spread – like a cancer! We must cut off all transportation, all communication lines to planet Earth – we must quarantine the area!
Conference Member # 8:  (trying to sound calm) We must simply apply the antidote! (to screen)  — Can you send one up?
Screen Message:  “NO KNOWN ANTIDOTE FOR PARADOX” (There is pandemonium as Conference members erupt with exclamations)
Conference Member # 9:  This – this be a new phenomenon, for which we must apply a solution!
Chairman:  And in our unlimitedness, we shall create the antidote!
Collective Conference Members:  Indeed we shall!  So be it!
Chairman: (to screen) Professor!  We request to summon an Exceptional Circumstance Specialist –  at once! (Specialist is beamed in.)
Chairman:  (to specialist)  We must infuse LOVE into a paradox!
Specialist:  (contemplates, then, to screen)  Professor, what are the primary application factors for administering an antidote?
Screen message:  In all cases, you must apply antidote in like form.  Critical transmission factor is required.  With humanoids, this transmission is accomplished with the use of communication vehicles.
Specialist to Members:  We will need to create the antidote as a Central Complex for communication vehicles for humanoid application, in the form of a humanoid.  Do you desire to do this at this time?  (surveys members)  The situation is critical.
(Conference members all emphatically agree:  YES !!  The Specialist equates on his wrist computer, then addresses the Screen)
Specialist:  Give me a Code 3-4-0-2.  and a Code  2-7-X-5,  (Much screen activity is seen as calculations are made;  twinkle dust forms an outline as the calculations are specified).

Screen Message:  (in ticker-tape form):

Frame      :     portly
Inches      :     32
Weight    :     42 pounds
Vibrancy :     Blue Light.  Ability to change size, form and density at will.
Included  :     Networking brain receivership and Spirit of Achievement.

incorporating: Creating A New Dimension of Optimism …

(Professor appears by his computer and presses assimilator buttons)

Screen Message:

Elemental Prototype, Stage 1:  C.A.N.D.O.

”The CANDO Spirit” (nickname) Little Cando!


cdp_Little Cando copy

(Little Cando is assimilated and manifests before their eyes.  He jumps onto the floor and bows to the assembled members.)
Comments from Conference Members:  Look at it!  It looks like a litte baby! …  It looks like a little old man! … It’s timeless! … Adorable! … Loveable!
Professor:  (excitedly)  And now, we must assimilate the Secondaries, with each one containing fragments of the C.A.N.D.O. assimilation!
(Many characters are manifested:  Goldie, The Children of the Rain Forest, Sun Child, The Buttercup Babies, The Soldier of Peace, and many more.  As they emerge, the Professor greets them with hugs, handshakes, etc., and addresses the Commission Conference members.)
Professor:  (broad smile)  You see, we present a wide variety of  personalities, to appeal to all levels of thought!
(The assembled Secondaries stand together with Little Cando, who then bows to the group)
Little Cando:  (computer voice)  I AM YOUR CREATION!

Professor:  ( in profile, leans over, extending his hand to Little Cando ~ Welcome, Little … Cando – and friends!  He shakes Little Cando’s hand.  Little Cando decreases in size to about 4 inches in neon blue outline form and jumps onto Sun Child’s shoulder.)
 Little Cando:  Toot!  Toot!  LET’S GO! (The Conference members are very amused and taken with Little Cando)
 Chairman:  (to Queen) May we prevail upon you, my Queen, to provide transportation, here, for these beautiful Emissaries?
 Queen:  (smiling) ‘T’would be my honor to accommodate them.  The Sunshine Train is heading their way, even as we speak!

DISSOLVE to:cdtrainwililelmo

Play The MILKRUN Through The Stars

Scene V

(Two trumpeters herald the arrival of the Emissaries, who are seen entering the great Commission Conference headquarters.  There is much gaiety as they are embraced by Conference members.  Suddenly, the computer “beeps” for  attention.  All eyes turn to the screen.)

Screen Message:  “Due to critical delicacy of this operation – this molecular reconstruction of transforming a paradox back to a paradise, the operation also requires the input and assistance from representatives from the Commission Conference.  Every available spark of energy must be incorporated into this antidotal system that we are sending to Planet Earth! (Conference members are stunned at the prospect of their having to journey to Planet Earth)

Conference Member # 10 :  (whispers) … The … Human experience?

Conference Member # 11 : (obviously frightened, but making a gallant attempt to sound pleasant)  As you know, my friends, we are working on the new universe in the Venusian Sector,and I’m sure you can appreciate that I – uh, may not be able to pull away – you see, there’s just so very much to do – not that I wouldn’t want to join you, you understand, but I, uh – I — (Suddenly, his face contorts and he covers his eyes as he exclaims) OH GOD!  The – The Paradox planet, for heavens sakes!  I – I don’t know if I can survive it!

Queen:  (interjects)  NO, VOLTAR!  (heads turn)  Do not think of its abuse …we must … we must think of its … beauty – the BEAUTY of this child!

(Voltar sadly shakes his head for he still cannot overcome his fear.   The Queen, eyes flashing, goes on):  THINK OF ITS INVESTMENT TO THE REALM!   (softer) This…will carry us through.

(There is strained silence in the room as fear begins to pervade the minds of the assembled members.  The Queen surveys her colleagues and realizes that she will go – that she must go on this perilous journey.)

Queen:  (slowly, with conviction)  I offer my persona, in the form of a human crystal reflectory, to aid in the crystallization of this process.  And I go, my beloved colleagues, because my children are there, and I love them! (the room remains silent as the assembled members contemplate the possibilities of the journey.  Sun Child comes forth with Little Cando still perched on his shoulder.)

Sun Child:  May we escort you, my Queen – my – ‘Crystal Lady’ ? (a magical exchange of energy in their eyes takes place)



(The Queen is catapulted from the exquisite dream sequence, back to Commission Conference headquarters, her eyes still locked into Sun Child’s.  She smiles and slowly nods)

Queen: … I will meet you there …. Conference Member:  And too, go I!  for I have seen their beautiful faces … and the children, so full of life and love.  They ask no questions of who they be, for they know who they be, these babes of Terra.  I have received innumerable kindnesses from those of their stratum, and I tell you they are space brothers and sisters in need.  I am compelled to go!

Female Member:  My lineage there is in the Great Orient.  My peoples are gentle and love life.  That they may falter on their way Home is a saddening for me, a saddening I desire to chance to joy.  I go!

2nd Female:  And what of those so steeped in dogmas and destruction?   They, too, seek Love!  Let us illuminate the way!  I join you in this Light!

(Conference members are becoming excited at the prospect of this incredible journey)

Raphael: (an effervescent Irish personality, gestures exhuberantly in her perky Irish brogue) :  It gives me a RISE to go to Planet Earth!  Do you know what I mean when I say a “RISE” ?  Why, some of my fondest memories are there, dancing with the elves! (emotionally, hands clasped to her heart) IRELAND, O IRELAND! THY BEAUTY ASTOUNDS ME! (softly smiling) And you are but one facet of the Jewel …(to the assembled) — But for a polish, Planet Earth will again shine – brilliantly! Dear Ones, it is my joy and pleasure to join this Love Contingent to our little green sparkler!

Zarathustra: (an ancient entity with long, white beard, speaks slowly, and with great wisdom) I am old.  But my love for our space brothers and sisters of Terra will not cease!  The earthlings are tired … abused. For so many eons they have been told of what they are NOT.  Let us show them of what they ARE!  Let us help them to live again … to laugh again.  I go!

Young Member:  (shouts)  I must experience this thing!  I go!

Spirious:  (snorts)  oh, perhaps ‘tis my destiny to experience it again … I go!

Rajni:  (Representative from the Central sun)  I go!  And I will keep the Light

burning for as long as it takes!  (looks lovingly at his colleagues) Beloved friends … you will not be alone on this journey –NEVER!  For I shall be there with you.  And will all come Home … together!

(The room is highly charged with emotion.  Computer beeps for attention ~ Everyone looks to see, and listen.)

Screen Message:  it is critical that each entity assumes strategic position in order to form the necessary GRID of energy to ensure success of this operation!  For those first sojourners, think about this!   (camera pans on group)   The place !  The stratum!   The density!  The gamut of emotions!  Remember, you will be on a Third Dimensional plane of demonstration!

(The group is deeply moved by what they have chosen to do.  The Commission Conference Members and the Emissaries are seated around the table in silent contemplation.  A quiet, universal voice is heard as camera pans around table capturing the concern and intense feelings on the faces of each entity.)

Universal Voice (female):  This is an act of Love.  We are on a Journey of  Life; a Divine plan unfolding.  And this Journey to planet earth … our treasured planet in distress … is part of the Divine plan.  It has been a long, long time since they have seen the Light. It is time, now, to bring them into a sense of remembrance, so they may once again know Love, Joy, Eternal Light, and Oneness.

(The assembled group clasps each other’s hands.  Their eyes are closed;  together they speak)


FADE into:

Song/Special Effects:


(The space Journey which brings the Emissaries to Planet Earth) Ends with the flight announcement: “Galaxy 9 Airlines, Flight 509, from Edentia, Doc’s Storyis now arriving at gate 68.”
The Beginning  –

Play The-Times-To-Come
As performed by the Mitchell Boys Choir.The original CANDO Kids

Stay tuned for Chapter One ~ of The Sojourn Series

Play UFO




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